Plaza de la Constitucion

The Plaza de la Constitucion, also know as the Zocalo, is the heart of the historic center of Mexico City.  It is the city’s main square and hosts frequent concerts, protests, rallies, street performers and special events.  In 1987 the entire 34 block historic center was declared a Unesco World Heritage site.

The square is bordered by the Catedral Metropolitana to the north and the Palacio Nacional to the east.  The Palacio Nacional is home to the offices of the current president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, and the Federal Treasury.  There is a large military presence around the square and the soldiers hold daily ceremonies for the raising and lowering of the flag in the center of the square.  Each day residents and visitors alike crowd the Zocalo to view the ceremony.

You will almost always find people relaxing in the square, sightseeing and enjoying various forms of entertainment.  Children can frequently be seen chasing pigeons and playing together.  Along the Western side of the Catedral workers line up displaying signs advertising their trade and wait for someone to request their services.  Whether you are in need of a plumber, electrician or some other service you can probably find someone to hire here.  In the evenings it is common to see people resting after a hard day’s work before boarding the subway to begin their long commute home.  It’s also a great place to relax after a long day spent exploring the city.


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