Plaza Garibaldi is the main gathering point for Mariachis in Mexico City.  Every evening the bands arrive in the plaza outfitted in fancy costumes and wait for someone to request a song or hire them to go play a party or other event.  The going rate for a song is about $3 early in the evening and as much as $10 later on in the evening when the plaza begins to fill up with people. 

We spent an evening here having dinner and listening to the music.  At one point the table next to ours hired a band to play several songs which we were also able to enjoy.  It is also common to see people arrive and request songs for special occassions, birthdays, etc.  

This picture shows a band that was hired to play a song to someone over the phone, most likely for a birthday or anniversary gift.  At first I wasn’t sure what was going on, but according to Carlos it is not unusual for people to call a loved one from one of the many pay phones in the plaza and have a song played to them.


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