Comida Corrida

These little restaurants advertising comida corrida, or fast food at an affordable price, can be found all over Mexico.  There were a bunch of them clustered together in the market right outside our hotel in Taxco.  Basically, they offer complete meals cooked to order for no more than two or three dollars.  Carlos and I were frequent customers of the restaurant pictured above.  It was sort of like going to someone’s home for a meal as opposed to sitting in an actual restaurant.  The kitchen space resembled a home kitchen and there was usually only one or two people running the entire show.  It was also a neat place to meet other travelers since the long tables are set up in rows and often shared by everyone.  My favorite meal was breakfast on the day we departed Taxco for Cuernavaca.  Huevos a la Mexicana (scrambled eggs with tomatoes, onions and jalepeños), beans, fresh tortillas, hot tea and freshly squeezed fruit juice.


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