The town of Taxco is best known for its intricate handmade silver jewelry and its popularity with tourists.  Once a silver mining town, today Taxco is a well preserved, colonial town that the Mexican government has declared a national historic monument.  Buildings are well worn and painted white with black signage and trim.  All new architecture must conform to the original style and old buildings are restored whenever possible. 

Taxco is a great place to explore with its narrow cobblestone streets and steep stone staircases that snake up the hillside and twist and turn throughout the center of town.  It’s easy to get lost here, and the hikes up and down the hillside can be exhausting.  Fortunately, most streets eventually converge on the central marketplace and amazing views of the hillside can be seen around every turn.  And if you get tired of walking you can hire one of the many white Volkswagen bugs seen speeding around town to taxi you to your destination.


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