Tianguis Cultural del Chopo


Outdoor markets are everywhere in Mexico and one of the most interesting is the Tianguis Cultural del Chopo.  Originally established in 1980 at the Museo Universitario del Chopo, this once weekly market occurs every Saturday just outside the Buenavista metro station and stretches for several blocks.  It’s a popular gathering place for Mexico City’s various youth subcultures and attracts anyone and everyone interested in checking out the city’s music scene, buying or trading CDs, finding out about the latest shows and hearing live bands.  It reminds me of a mix between the punk rock flea market and the South Street of several years ago (before it was taken over by fast food outlets, chain stores and hip-hop), except that it all takes place in an open air marketplace setting.  At the far end of the market there is a stage for live performances, groups promoting environmental and social causes, and a place to purchase vegan tortas, or sandwiches.


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