Monte Alban

monte alban 

Located just a few kilometers west of Oaxaca and overlooking the city is the ancient Zapotec capital of Monte Alban.  Monte Alban, meaning White Mountain, was first occupied around 500 BC, reached it’s peak between 300 and 700 AD and was abandoned by 950 AD.  Today all that remains are impressive ruins of pyramids, temples, plazas, and other residential structures high on a mountain top that offers excellent panoramic views of the city and neighboring towns below. 

From Oaxaca City it’s easy to visit Monte Alban.  Several tour agencies arrange for round trip transportation from the center of town for around $3 and buses depart every half hour.  Unfortunately, it was a little cloudy on the day we visited, but I can’t really complain considering we’ve had near perfect weather every day since we arrived in Mexico.


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