Playa Manzanillo


Located along the sheltered bay of Puerto Angelito just 1km west of Puerto’s main beaches is Playa Manzanillo.  Unlike its neighbor to the west Zicatela, Manzanillo boasts calm, clear, warm waters perfect for swimming.  Just ask Carlos who, over the past week, has taught himself to swim and has been happily floating around ever since.  The sloping beachfront also makes for excellent lounging while taking in all the sights.

Having moved from Dan y Carmen’s to our new temporary home at Cabañas Edda we no longer have access to a swimming pool, so stumbling upon such a great swimming spot was perfect.  Our only regret, that we didn’t discover Playa Manzanillo sooner.  Here are a couple pictures of our cabaña at Edda’s:








More rustic, without cable tv, a private bathroom, or an ocean view it’s kind of like camping on the beach.  Our cabaña at Edda’s is only costing us around $8/night, less than half of the $19/night we were paying at Dan y Carmen’s.  That being said, it might be time to sample some of Puerto’s excellent seafood restaurants!


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  1. 1 David December 24, 2008 at 2:44 am

    This place sounds like my kind of scene….maybe we can meet up there sometime!!!

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