La Crucecita

La Crucecita

While in Huatulco we’re staying in the town of La Crucecita, 1km north of Santa Cruz and the beaches.  The service town for the resort, La Crucecita is where the bus stations, internet cafés, the market and virtually the only budget accomodations are located.  Collectivo taxis are available to shuttle people to and from the beaches for about $0.50.

We lucked out and found a nice little room at Posada Lido that’s well within our budget.  Located right in the center of town, less than a block from the Zocalo, we have our own bathroom and cable television.  Although, as it turns out our ceiling leaks whenever the people upstairs shower, which is kind of amusing and explains why the friendly owners keep the bed positioned in the center of the room, something I had wondered about when we first arrived.

La Crucecita would be an interesting place to visit even if the beautiful resort and beaches weren’t located just a kilometer away.  The people here are friendly and welcoming, much more so than in Puerto Ángel.  In the evenings the Zocalo comes to life with crowds of locals and tourists showing up to listen to live music and peruse the stands of the numerous street vendors.  It reminds us of what we’ve been missing about city life while beach hopping down the coast these past few weeks.

The town is also home to the Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, a modern church with a giant image of the Virgin painted on the ceiling (pictured here) as well as several other interesting paintings throughout it’s interior.



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