Las Bahías de Huatulco


The newest of Mexico’s big coastal resorts, the Bahías de Huatulco, doesn’t make it onto the itineraries of many backpackers.  Even so, Carlos and I, in the spirit of seeing as many places as possible, decided to pass through on our way south to Chiapas.  Exiting highway 200 onto the well paved and well maintained, palm tree lined highway that runs from Huatulco’s International airport through the town of La Crucecita and out to the beaches at Santa Cruz it felt more like we were driving through Florida or California than Oaxaca.  And we found it hard to believe we were less than an hour’s drive from the towns of Puerto Angel and Zipolite.     

Huatulco’s development began in the 1980’s.  Prior to that time this stretch of coastline consisted of little more than a few small fishing villages.  Since then, the Mexican government has invested more heavily in this area than it has in others along the coast of Oaxaca.  However, lower than expected occupancy rates have slowed development and pockets of developed areas are separated by pending construction projects and unspoiled shoreline.  Even as the resort area remains a work in progress, prices are higher here, especially along the beaches and in Santa Cruz, than anywhere else along the Oaxaca coast.


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