San Lorenzo Zinacantán

san lorenzo zinacantan

Setting off firecrackers in San Lorenzo Zinacantán.

Located a few kilometers outside of San Juan Chamula lies the Tzotzil community of San Lorenzo Zinacantán.  Known for flowers and floral textiles, the people of Zinacantán have a monopoly on the flower business in San Cristóbal and own most of the flower shops in town.  Easily identified by their distinctive dress, Zinacantán men wear purple tunics elaborately embroidered with flower motifs and the women similarly embroidered shawls and blouses, fitting given their traditions and occupations. 

Despite their close proximity to San Juan Chamula, the people of San Lorenzo Zinacantán have some differing beliefs and customs including many of their religious practices.  In Zinacantán monogamy is the norm.  The wealth of the town is distributed more evenly among residents and a higher value is placed on education, positively resulting in the absence of young children selling crafts, shining shoes and begging for money on the streets.  All of which are prevalent activities in San Juan Chamula and spill over into San Cristóbal.

zinacantanIt’s not unusual to see Zinacantán families in traditional dress strolling the streets of San Cristóbal or congregating in front of the Cathedral in the center of town.


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  1. 1 Berynice February 4, 2009 at 9:08 pm

    Actually Zinacantan exports flowers all over the country and therefore is a very prosperous community.

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