Back on La Ruta Maya, we traveled a little over two hours north of San Cristóbal de las Casas to the town of Ocosingo.  From there it was a further 16 km through the countryside to reach the impressive hillside temple complex of Toniná.  Comprised of pyramids, platforms and hidden chambers, Toniná’s ceremonial core towers a stunning 80 meters above the Gran Plaza.  The Templo de Espejo Humeante, or Temple of the Smoking Mirror, is the site’s tallest structure and affords some excellent views of the ranchlands below.  Known as the Place of the Celestial Captives, Toniná was a strong military power and it was here that many of the captured rulers from Palenque and other great Mayan cities were imprisoned and beheaded.  With the latest recorded date on record of AD 909, Toniná is believed to have been one of the last surviving cities of classic Maya civilization.


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