Agua Azul

agua azul

This spectacular water attraction is located at the halfway point between Ocosingo and Palenque.  Surrounded by jungle, it’s made up of a series of waterfalls that cascade into pools of brilliant blue and turquoise waters.  A cleared walkway enables visitors to follow the falls up the hillside and through the jungle for more than a kilometer.  Despite the fact that swimming in the falls is not encouraged, it remains a popular activity and there are some beautiful swimming spots with amazing views of the falls below, especially toward the top of the hillside.  Agua Azul is located in Zapatista territory, made apparent by the fact that we were required to pay two entrance fees, one at a makeshift roadblock a kilometer or so before the site entrance and the other as we entered the site itself.  We visited on a day tour from Palenque stopping at Misol-Ha as well, and fortunately our driver handled all of the fees and logistics for the group leaving us with little to do but take in the sights and enjoy the ride.


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