El Remate

 el remate lake

We made El Remate our base for exploring the ruins at Tikal.  An enchanting village on the lakes of Lago de Petén Itzá, El Remate is a small town, little more than a few posadas and comedores, located along the main road linking Flores and Tikal.  It’s a quiet, mellow place where farm animals roam wild and goats outnumber cars.

After a couple very pleasant, relaxing days in El Remate we bused to Guatemala City with plans to continue on to Quetzaltenango.  What was supposed to be a six hour ride turned into eight and we decided to stop over in Antigua instead.  It was getting late so we ended up splitting a taxi the remainder of the way with a nice Antigua resident, Edward, originally from Chicago and on his way back from renewing his paperwork at the border between Guatemala and Honduras.

Almost a year to the date of my last visit to Antigua, this town was my first introduction to Latin America and remains one of my favorites.  Carlos took an immediate liking to it as well and within a few hours we decided to put our trip to Quetzaltenango on hold and hang around for a while.  The next morning we were out apartment hunting and by late afternoon we had secured a place through Semana Santa.


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