guatemala’s electric shower (revised)

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Consisting of nothing more than an electric heating device attached to a cold water shower, Guatemala’s electric shower provides hot water while offering an alternative to the high cost of gas.  The water temperature is controlled by the amount of water released through the shower head.  So far everywhere we’ve stayed in Guatemala has had this type of shower.  For the most part they work well, assuming of course that you don’t mind the smell of something burning while in the shower and that you remember to avoid contact with the shower head or risk an electric shock.

Ironically, just a few days after originally posting this, the electric heating device on our shower stopped working.  We spent the next week waiting for the maintenance guy to show up (he never did) and sneaking into the empty room next door to use the shower there, that is until it caught on fire and we had to resort back to cold showers.  Although, as of this morning the shower in our room has been repaired and we’re hoping to get through the rest of the week without any surprises.  I guess these electric showers don’t work quite as well as we had originally thought…

Revised 4/7 /09


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