Utila, Bay Islands

utila beach

The ferry from La Ceiba to the island of Utila takes about an hour and is a rough, bumpy ride.  It took me nearly another hour on dry land just to recover.  The smallest of the Bay Islands, Utila is a beautiful little island off the coast of Honduras in the Caribbean Sea and feels worlds away from the Honduras we came to know over the past 24 hours.  Best known for excellent and inexpensive diving, Utila has a lot to offer us non-divers as well.  Beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters and excellent swimming, snorkeling and boating opportunities make it a beach-lover’s paradise. 

The Caribbean vibe is not nearly as strong as in Caye Caulker, Belize, and the island not quite as small and friendly, but the travelers scene is thriving and food and accommodation costs, while higher than on the mainland, are still very affordable.  Utila is hot, when we wake up in the morning the thermometer reading on my alarm clock is already approaching 90F and it just continues to climb throughout the day.  Even Carlos and I who tend to favor warmer climates couldn’t imagine living here and dealing with the heat year round, but it’s been great fun these past few days. 

We’ve extended our stay on Utila for a few extra days while we soak up the rays on near private beaches, indulge in some Port Royals and tour the cluster of small cays on the island’s north end.  After which we’re making a quick break for the Nicaraguan border.


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