La Fortuna

la fortuna

After departing Montezuma we headed inland to the north central region of Costa Rica taking the ferry across the Gulf of Nicoya and stopping over in San Ramon before settling in the former farming town of La Fortuna.  In addition to being a great base from which to explore some of the country’s natural wonders, it’s also given us a greater insight into Costa Rican culture and lifestyle .  Enjoying the highest standard of living in all of Central America, Ticos take pride in the idea that in comparison to their neighbors they are not poor, illiterate or plagued by political instability.  In fact, the central valley surrounding San José is  dependent upon a workforce that’s young, educated and increasingly bilingual.  Traveling through the country these differences are apparent.  Streets and neighborhoods are kept clean, wildlife is protected and preserved and beggars are few; nearly non-existent outside of the capital city and rarely, if ever, children.  And despite the fact that it’s the most expensive country for travelers in Central America, Costa Rica remains one of the most popular destinations in the region.


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