Isla Taboga


We visited Isla Taboga on a day trip from Panama City.  Popular with wealthy Panamanians who anchor their boats just offshore and day-tripping residents and tourists, it’s a small place with only one road and no traffic.  The beautiful beaches stretching around the island are a welcome escape from the noise and congestion of Panama City.  Isla Taboga is only reachable by boat or ferry.  Public ferries depart from the causeway located 7km outside of the city center, thus helping to maintain the island’s exclusivity.  Lodging on the island is beginning to go up-market and there is talk of construction beginning on a high-end resort.  In the meantime however, Isla Taboga remains a laid-back, affordable destination; assuming of course, that you hold out for a driver willing to offer a reasonable taxi fare down to the causeway. 

Aside from visits to Isla Taboga and the canal there’s not much else to do in Panama City.  We spent our time catching up on the lastest new releases, eating fast food and visiting the mall.


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