Otavalo cockfight

otavalo cockfightSaturday night is cockfighting night in Otavalo.  Some nights the fights can draw a crowd of as many as a hundred people to the small stadium.  Before the fights begin the roosters are weighed, inspected and evaluated to determine who fights who and what the odds will be.  Then the bets are placed, usually $100.  The night we attended things got off to a late start.  Apparently, there was some difficulty matching up roosters of equal weight.  Finally, around 10:30p.m. things got underway. 

The owners of the birds can get pretty emotional during the fight and angry when their rooster doesn’t perform as well as they had hoped.  For the most part, the cockfight was similar to a boxing match. Unfortunately for the roosters, little knives are taped to their feet so that when they jump and kick they can really hurt each other.  It actually wasn’t as gruesome as you might expect since they spent most of the time just smacking each other around, but even so it still seemed pretty cruel.  We left before we had the chance to see any of the roosters get really injured, mostly they were just stunned, scraped and bruised.


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