Otavalo market

Otavalo market

The town of Otavalo is famous for it’s Saturday market, said to be the largest indigenous crafts market in all of South America.  Located two and a half hours north of Quito, it’s the place to go for all types of beautiful handicrafts many of which are hand-made by local indigenous artisans.












Indigenous otavaleños are easily identified by their traditional dress.  Men wear calf-length white pants, gray or blue ponchos and dark felt hats.  Women wear embroidered blouses, long black skirts, dark shawls, folded head cloths and multiple strand of gold beads around their necks.  Both the men and women wear rope sandals.  Many of these items are available for sale at the giant Saturday market.













The tables of gold beaded necklaces were especially popular with the local women who are always looking to add to their collections.


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