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What should have been a simple and easy border crossing from Ecuador to Peru aboard an international bus line was complicated when immigration officials at the border informed us that Mexican passport holders require visas to enter Peru.  We were then forced off the bus and sent back to the closest Peruvian consulate in the border town of Macará, Ecuador.  After waiting for the office to re-open following an unusually long lunch break, we were told that Carlos did not require a visa after all and to try to cross again. 

We returned to the border wondering who had provided us with the correct information.  Luckily, it turned out that the worker at the consulate was right and we were eventually allowed to enter Peru.  Unfortunately, our bus was long gone and we had to purchase new tickets for the next bus as well as turn over our previously purchased tickets all the while knowing that the driver would just pocket our cash and have the company reimburse him anyway.  But it didn’t matter, after such a long day we were just glad to be continuing on our way and not stranded all weekend in a dusty Ecuadorian border town.

peru desertAnd so we continued into Peru, stopping overnight in Piura and continuing another eight hours the following day south on the Panamericana through the desert to the city of Trujillo.  Check out the view from the bus window!


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