La Ruta Chimú

chan chan

In the north of Peru the Chimú and Moche cultures constructed fascinating adobe brick cities in the middle of the desert.  Built around A.D. 1300, Chan Chan is the largest mud brick city in the world.  At the height of the Chimú empire it consisted of approximately 10,000 structures with walls that stood over 10m high.  The central Palacio Nik-An remains a fascinating site to tour and in 1986 all of Chan Chan was declared a Unesco World Heritage Site.  Other interesting stops along the Chimú route include the stepped-platform adobe temple of la Huaca Esmeralda and la Huaca Arco Iris.  Translating to  Rainbow Temple, la Huaca Arco Iris is one of the best preserved Chimú temples and gets its name from the repeated rainbow designs that cover its slightly pyramidal walls.  Peruvian hairless dogs can be spotted around la Huaca Esmeralda and la Huaca Arco Iris.  With unusually high body temperatures, they have traditionally been used to treat people with arthritis.


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