las Huacas del Sol y de la Luna

moche people

The Moche temples of the sun and the moon can be found 10km southeast of Trujillo.  The Moche lived in the deserts of northern Peru around 700 years before the Chimú.  Built using 140 million adobe bricks, La Huaca del Sol is Peru’s largest pre-Columbian structure, though it has yet to be excavated.  The smaller La Huaca de la Luna is currently undergoing excavation and has on display numerous colorful polychrome friezes for which the Moche people are famous.  Many of the designs and patterns tell the story of the human sacrifices that played such an important role in their culture.  The men pictured here wearing traditional Moche clothing are descendants of the Moche people, though as our tour guide joked, they now work in tourism posing for photos at the site and also speak a bit of English.


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