fireworks and a fiesta

cusco fiesta

Our first Friday night in town we stumbled upon a celebration taking place in the center of Cusco.  Music, dancing and an elaborate  fireworks display toward the end of the evening.  I’ve only seen fireworks like this once before, and that was when we were in Oaxaca, Mexico.  Set off from towers that are constructed that same day out of material resembling bamboo, everyone helps in the construction of the towers including the children.  It’s really unlike anything you might see in the States, or judging by the reactions of many of the other travelers, anything you might see in Europe, Australia, Canada, Argentina and the list goes on…

The towers are lit in sections and the attached explosives range from sparklers to rockets to actual real fireworks like you might see on the Fourth of July, except that there’s not several kilometers and/or a river seperating you from them.  And it’s not unusual for parts of the tower to break away from the frame and fly out into the crowd.  Knowing this, we made it a point to enjoy the festivities from a safe distance, though there were lots of people right up next to the towers throughout the entire event snapping photos and dancing.  And despite the fact that I still don’t know what we were celebrating, it was quite an introduction to the city!

fireworksfireworks 2


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