La Paz

At an altitude of 3660m it takes at least a day or two to acclimatize to life in Bolivia’s capital city.  Even after a fewLa Paz months in the altiplano of Ecuador and Perú, climbing the winding streets and alleys of La Paz left us out of breath.  Fortunately, the altitude sickness that affects so many vistors never became a problem.  The capital city of the poorest nation in South America, La Paz is a spectacular and fascinating place full of energy, excitement and a great deal of emotion and chaos.  Buildings cling to the sides of the canyon, narrow cobbled streets lined with open-air markets snake through the city center and the snowy Mt Illamani looms in the background.  Unlike Perú, the tourism boom in Bolivia has yet to explode and the local people, the majority of whom are indigenous, continue to go about their frenetic daily lives largely unbothered by foreign visitors.


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