Peninsula Valdés & the southern right whales

We broke up the long journey from Ushuaia to Buenos Aires with a brief stop in Puerto Pirámides for some whale watching.  Located 77km from Puerto Madryn on the Valdés Peninsula and 25km past the entrance to the reserve, this small, sandy seaside town is the peninsula’s only sizeable settlement and the departure point for whale watching excursions aboard small boats.  Declared a Unesco Natural Heritage of Humanity site in 1999, the Valdés Peninsula is teeming with wildlife including sea lions, elephant seals, southern right whales, dolphins, Magellanic penguins and even the occasional orca.  Three kilometers outside of town is a clifftop lookout point where whales can be watched from shore, although taking one of the popular boat tours offers more close-up views.   Whale watching season runs from June through December when large numbers of southern right whales arrive to complete their breeding cycle.  In fact, so many whales gather in these waters that in-season it’s just about guaranteed that you’ll spot at least a few.  This young southern right whale came right up to the side of our boat!


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