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Palermo, parrilla & los Colorados at the peña

Los Colorados at Peña Los Cardones

They don’t call it the coolest city on the continent for no reason.  Buenos Aires never sleeps.  Restaurants don’t open their doors until around 8pm and even then most people don’t show up for dinner until after 10.  Dinner winds down around midnight, by 2am everyone is headed out to the bars and clubs and that’s where they’ll stay, dancing until the following morning.  The Palermo neighborhood of the city is home to some of the trendiest restaurants and hippest nightlife in all of Buenos Aires. 

Argentines love mate, wine and meat.  Buenos Aires is famous for its parrillas, or steakhouses, and you can find one on just about every corner.  Since no visit to the city is complete without a steak dinner and night out on the town, we headed out this past Friday to sample some of the nightlife.  First  to Lo de Jesus for a late dinner and then out to Peña Los Cardones, a local live music venue, for traditional Argentine folk music. 

Our steaks at Lo de Jesus were so delicious, and affordable, served to us on white tableclothes by waiters in suits, we couldn’t help but go back again the following week.