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Mendoza, Maipú & the wine route


Wide sidewalks, pedestrian only boulevards, spacious plazas  and beautiful weather make for pleasant walking around the city of Mendoza.  Countless outdoor restaurants and cafés add to the city’s appeal and the pastas, meat dishes and wines on the menu are representative of the strong Italian influence in the area.  Like their European counterparts, Argentinians dine late in the evening and by 9pm restaurants and cafés are only beginning to fill up with customers.  Eating in Argentina is as much a social pastime as it is a necessity and it’s common to spend hours talking with friends or family over a cup of maté, glass of wine or a good meal.  Sampling all of the excellent Argentinian cuisine is quickly becoming one of my favorite activities.     

wine routeMendoza is located in the heart of Argentina’s wine producing region and the surrounding countryside is home to many of the country’s best vineyards.  In the town of Maipú, 17km south of Mendoza, wine tours and tastings can be had along the popular ruta del vino, or wine route.  The highlight of our day was a visit to Bodega Viña El Cerno a traditional and romantically small winery.